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Nov 21

Ordering eyewear online?

Why eyeglasses should be a good investment While it is true that quality eyeglasses can not only transform your vision, they can also transform your appearance and how others see you. Trendy frames do make a fashion statement and can define your style, however changing frames costs money and depending on your type of lenses […]

Nov 12

November’s Blog with Dr. Bansal

In this month’s blog Dr. Jatinder Bansal writes about keeping the importance of comprehensive eye exams for discovering diabetic retinopathy Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month Did you know that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness for working-aged adults in America? It is estimated that 25 million Americans currently have diabetes. Unfortunately, rising rates of […]

Apr 21

April’s Blog with Dr. Bansal

In this month’s blog Dr. Jatinder Bansal writes about keeping your eyes safe when participating in sports and outdoor activities. Sports Eye Safety Month Spring is finally here and many of us are anxious to get outside after another rainy winter in the Northwest. Sports activities are enjoyed by young and old alike, but along […]

Dec 23

Winter Weather Eye Safety Tips

When it comes to protecting our eyes and our vision from the dangers of the outdoors, many people believe that it is only during the summer months that our eyes need serious UV protection. While the summer sun can be brutally hot and dangerous to our delicate eyes, its ultraviolent rays are not any stronger […]

Aug 8

National Children’s Vision & Learning Month

August was declared National Children’s Vision & Learning Month in 1995. The goal of this national observance is to help educate parents and educators about the critical link between vision and learning. Learning is all about Vision; 80% of what a child learns in school is presented visually. Unfortunately, studies show that only 31% of […]

May 14

Interesting Facts and Myths about the Eyes

Eyes are an amazing and extremely interesting part of the body. Through their intricate design and composition, we are fortunate to have the precious gift of sight. I bet most of you have not stopped to think about the complexity of our eyes and the numerous elements that are involved in the process of seeing. […]

Apr 12

Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

April has the distinction of being Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month. You may be wondering what differentiates women’s vision issues from those of men. Eye doctors report that women may encounter many eye health issues simply as a result of their gender. Worldwide, an estimated 37 million people are blind and one hundred twenty-four […]

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