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Dr. Bansal has made it her goal to stay at the cutting-edge of optometry. She combines her years of expertise with the latest advances in optometric technology to provide an unsurpassed quality of care to her patients. Whether coming from Burien, Tukwila or even Seattle for your appointment, Dr. Bansal and her staff welcome patients from all walks of life needing quality eye care.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment helps us make your optometric evaluation an efficient and thorough experience. Our office has recently added the Reichert Phoroptor VRx. The Phoroptor VRx sets new standards in digital refraction, which is the name for the test that determines your glasses prescription. This machine will allow Dr. Bansal to measure your prescription with utmost accuracy and efficiency due to the high precision lenses that the machine is built with. Also, with the touch of a button you’ll be able to appreciate the difference between an old prescription and the new one. Our office has expanded the level of care that we provide by also adding the Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer. This machine is the gold standard instrument which allows your peripheral (side) vision to be measured. Diseases such as glaucoma, strokes, tumors behind the eyes and lid droop are some of the many conditions requiring detailed visual fields. This is in addition to the Optovue iFusion device which we added last year that combines the best of Spectral-Domain OCT and Fundus imaging which will help streamline your visit. The iFusion device also allows Dr. Bansal to combine high resolution retinal imaging with OCT data to better understand what’s going on in the retina.

Committed to Patient Comfort

Dr. Bansal is committed to patient comfort, and wants her patients to have a relaxing experience.

Compassionate, Understanding, Knowledgeable Team

When you come to B-Town Eyecare, expect a compassionate, understanding, and very knowledgeable team that is dedicated to addressing your concerns. Please, when you call for your appointment or consult, let us know how we can best serve your needs.

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